About Us

AfricaMP3 is a news and amusement site planned in view of Nigerians. The site spreads breaking news and points in regions of Business, Entertainment, People and Politics, Love and Romance, Technology and Everything else. AfricaMP3 consolidates the best substance, innovation, and conveyance abilities to interface with a large number of drawing in Nigerians who depend on us for a cutting edge, keen interpretation of their general surroundings.

Directly from the beginning, AfricaMP3 has concentrated on building up the most noteworthy quality grassroot News Portal on the web — selecting just the most regarded web-local columnists, journalists and editors with profound roots in online media, web innovation and advanced promoting. Our group of spectators reliably positions as the most prosperous and compelling – A Perfect fit for your publicizing needs.

Our Goals

Our main goal is extremely basic: We give a novel voice the point of illuminating, engaging and elevating enthusiastic and modern spectators through an assortment of our drawing in articles in a wide range of verticals. AfricaMP3 was made to fill our general public’s requirement for an increasingly positive and intriguing twist on the world we live in.